What should I wear?


Wear what you feel comfortable in.  Participants typically wear anything from fitness clothing to swimwear.  Most of the class takes place on the BOGAFIT mat above water.  No shoes or flip flops are permitted on the boards.  Always be prepared that you might take a dip by chance or choice.


Will I get wet?


At the beginning of class and at the conclusion of class, instructors will take you from the side of the pool to your mat and vice versa at the end of class.  While the intention of class is to stay on the mat, there is a chance you may get wet. There are some occasions where activity may take place in the water as well.

What is the appropriate age and fitness levels for BOGAFIT?


BOGAFIT provides activities for all age levels and offers a variety of exercises for all fitness levels.  Intensity depends on how hard you work.  But be prepared for a workout like you have never experienced before.  It will challenge your muscles and balance for a full body workout.

How do I sign up for a class?

You can sign up for a class and pay right on this website, just click the schedule tab at the top.  We recommend that you sign up ahead of time on this site as there are limited number of boards and it is first come, first serve.  We will keep registration open till class begins, but any open boards will be offered on the spot before class.  Please sign the one time waiver form which also can be found on this site as well.  This is for your safety and ours.